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Selling a Scrap Car Near Me specializes in buying damaged cars, regardless of their condition. It doesn’t matter if your rear axle is broken, your chassis is devastated or your frame got twisted, will buy your scrap car

There are many benefits to selling your damaged car via We work nationwide, so that means wherever you are we can likely make an offer on your vehicle right away! Plus, we offer free services with no hidden costs. All you have to do is fill out an online offer form and expect tow truck drivers from at your door with a pre-printed check! Our offer is guaranteed, therefore there is no haggling or last-minute tough negotiations. With private car buyers, on the other hand, there is constant haggling and negotiations which may force you to sell your damaged car at an undesired price.Selling a Scrap Car Near Me

Additionally, are experts in buying and evaluating damaged cars, therefore offering you a fair market value based on the condition, location, year, make and model of your car. You might be wondering 'how much can I get from nearby scrap yards?' Well, local dealers may not possess the expertise to properly appraise your damaged car, hence you may end up making a loss and not getting your car’s worth. 

Places that Buy Junk Cars

There are many companies that buy junk cars, but will they give you a fair price instantly? Many salvage yards who buy scrap cars give scrap metal pricing, and have their fees for towing, processing, and other fees which reduce the amount of cash for your scrap car you receive. Car offers at are instant, and based on the true value of your vehicle. Once you fill information on your wrecked car, you will receive an instant offer depending on your vehicle make and model, or you will be contacted within a short period with a guaranteed offer after submitting your details concerning your car. Once you sell your car to, you can expect to be paid at the time of pickup, where our tow truck drivers will arrive with a ready check, which you can effortlessly cash at any local bank, prepared for you. This ensures that you get the guaranteed offer, unlike selling to private scrap car buyers

Selling cars through means that you get to do from the comfort of your home, with additional free towing services nationwide at your location. You don’t have to go through the hassle of towing your damaged car around as you shop for quotes, with no guarantee of selling it. With, you will earn money instead of spending it. We're top junk car buyers nationwide.

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Scrap Car Pickup & Junk Car Removal - How Long It Takes 

You can expect your totalled car to be picked up in about 24 to 48 business hours. works with a nationwide network of partners, so no matter your location, it is guaranteed that your vehicle will be picked up within the shortest time period. This is a welcome alternative to your car sitting in your garage for long periods with no telling when you will sell it. Free junk car removal sounds pretty good in that situation.Scrap Car Pickup will sell your car regardless of the damage as long as you provide the necessary information. You won't have to deal with the painstaking process of taking your car apart only to sell the main components such as the engine, transmission, and interior at throwaway prices.

Since cars consist of components such as lead and rubber, they can be quite harmful to the environment when not properly dealt with, leaving long-lasting irreversible effects. Leaching of chemicals and heavy metals, some of which are carcinogenic and mutagenic, is a major threat. are big supporters of recycling, working with partners that recycle vehicle parts with environmentally friendly processes. Furthermore, we are an active member of the Automotive Recycling Association and United Recycling Group.

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We are experts at evaluating damaged cars, and scrap car prices. has been in business for over 11 years, and successfully purchasing old cars like yours for fair prices every day. As a potential seller, you are not subjected to any kind of pressure to conduct business with With core values such as customer focus and integrity, you can be assured that we will put your needs first. Therefore, you are free to consider the offer you will be provided with. have an excellent rating and reputation, our mission being to provide you with fair market value for your damaged car. We dedicate ourselves to providing you with the best service and vehicle solutions available. For over 10 years, we have made over a million offers on salvaged cars, mechanically damaged cars, collision damaged cars, broken-down cars and even late model cars, trucks, vans and SUVs that have been in an accident. You can therefore fully trust us to sell your car, no matter the extent of the damage. So the next time you think to yourself, are there places that buy scrap cars near me? You know is the answer. Get an offer for your vehicle in less than 90 seconds today.


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