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You've been with that car for so long. It's been there for you on so many trips, but you know the end is near. What was once a series of frustrating problems has cascaded into an ever-increasing list of repairs. You could sell or trade a car in decent condition for something close to the book value, but you know that won't happen this time. It's time to consider the junkyard. If you have never junked a car before, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how painless the entire process can be. These three simple tips will tell you everything you need to junk a car for cash.

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Know Your Junk Car to sell for Cash

For a starting point, you need to know the make and model of your car. Most vehicles come with different trim levels as well, so knowing the size of your engine or whether it is an LX or GT can help a lot. If you have the owner's manual, it should have all of the important information, but if you don't, you can usually look up the details of your car by the VIN (vehicle identification number). If you have trouble finding or using the VIN, there is a nice tutorial here. Once you have the pertinent information, you should research the blue book value, but remember that a car that is ready for junking is worth significantly less.

Prepare to Sell Your Junk Car for Cash

The most painless way to junk a car is with the title or registration. In fact, without at least one of these and a proof of identity, it can be very difficult to make the sale. If you have neither, there are steps you can take to get a new title or other proof of ownership. Checking your state's DMV is the best starting point. If you do acquire a title or registration, then you are almost ready to go.

Selling Junk Cars for Cash

In most cases, you'll have plenty of options, so you want to choose a salvager who will do right by you. There are several national chains that can prepare everything online or over the phone, making the process as easy and streamlined as possible. Double check that the documentation they require matches what you have. Some other important notes to check are whether they pay for towing, if they can come to your car's current location, who handles processing the paperwork and associated fees and if they offer any benefits to you doing some salvaging yourself. Many recyclers like to salvage working parts before breaking the vehicle down for scrap, so it isn't uncommon to make a little extra cash by pulling the good parts out of the car before they tow it.

This is pretty much the whole process. If you really want to maximize what you can get for your car, you can try to get it appraised before junking. Also remember to be honest about the car's shortcomings when you discuss things with the junkyard. It's the best way to make sure they can reasonably honor their estimates. Now that you're armed with everything you need, you can get online or on the phone and junk your car for cash in no time.

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