Wrecked Car Value…What’s My Car Worth?

After all of the commotion from an accident has come andgone, you may be left trying to figure out what to do with your car that youhaven’t had repaired. Maybe insurance didn’t cover repair of your damaged car. Maybe you retained ownership after your car was declared totaled. The importanthing isn’t why you still have the car, but what should you do with it.

Did you know?

Here at DamagedCars.com, we specialize in buying cars in less-than-perfect condition, running or not. Based on your vehicle details and location we will give you the best, guaranteed offer for your auto, no matter the condition.

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How to Check What’s My Car Worth?

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By filling out our form with accurate information on DamagedCars.com, we can give you an instant offer on some vehicles or contact you with a guaranteed offer shortly after you click “Submit for Offer.”

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Depending on the age, mileage, severity of damage and make & model of your car, your damaged car has some intrinsic value. Therefore,you should think about selling it to DamagedCars.com. Unlike a used car where you can get your car’s approximate retail value from Kelly BlueBook or its wholesale NADA car valueor Black Book value, there is no book value or salvage value calculator for a damaged, junk, wrecked, broken-down or salvage car.

As opposed to just looking up an NADA value for a used car, DamagedCars.com uses your vehicle’s specifics, location and regularly-updated, current market values to make you a guaranteed offer on your car based on its actual value. While a damaged car that has been repaired can be worth thirty-percent less than its pre-accident value, an unrepaired damaged car requires a closer look to properly determine and offer.

We will take the time to properly evaluate your vehicle and DamagedCars.com won’t offer you less than your car is worth. To begin the process to getting an offer for your car today, fill out the form above. Because, at DamagedCars.com, we buy cars in less than perfect condition, nationwide.

DamagedCars.com is the leading company buying all makes and models of cars regardless of their condition. We can purchase vehicles through out continental US, so we can be at your location to pick up the crashed vehicle in no time. The process is quickand simple:

  • You upload the car information
  • you get an offer within hours
  • Free pick-up
  • You get paid!

If you want to get full wrecked car value and not worry about towing costs DamagedCars.com is right for you. You make all the arrangements from the comfort of your home and we take care of the rest!

To get a free quote just enter the basic information in our vehicle submission form.

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