What to do if Your Car is Exposed to High Water

Most insurance companies automatically total a car when water enters the passenger compartment. Almost all major insurers will total a vehicle if flood water reaches the bottom of the dashboard. The unpredictable nature of water damage and the long period of time that it can take for mechanical and electrical problems to occur mean a long, uncertain, inconvenient and potentially expensive repair process. Flood water exposure is especially a problem in vehicles that have multiple electronic components in the passenger compartment.

If your car is not insured, you need to decide whether to attempt to repair the car to running condition or simply preserve the car, prevent further damage and sell the vehicle to a salvage yard that buys flood cars or qualified buyer who can repair flood cars. If you choose to repair your car, be certain to know your state’s laws about how what you must do to properly salvage brand your title or notify buyers of the repaired damage to your car.

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