Recently Purchased 2007 Volvo S40 in Plano, TX

2018-03-04 23_16_56-5048_1_59_Thumb.jpeg (250×187)
Bought for $275.00!
Body:2WD | 4 Door (Sedan)
We Bought a car in Plano

The Condition

  • Mechanical Damage:Engine
  • It does NOT start.
  • Mileage:98,000
  • Tires are attached and intact.
  • The glass and lights are intact.
  • Airbags are attached and intact.
  • No missing parts.
Blown engine rod. Last work done on it was a new timing belt, new motor mounts, and other standard maintenance. I feel like the last people to work on the car were negligent, because two months after the repairs, the car stopped running. I just had no way to prove it.