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What Is The Maximum Amount of Money I Can Receive by Selling My Non-Running Volvo S70 to DamagedCars.Com?

When you choose DamagedCars.com to sell your car, you not only receive quick cash, but also benefit from expert customer support, free pick-up, and free transfer of ownership. This makes the entire process effortless and speedy. You can receive money swiftly and get back to your routine!

The value of a broken-down Volvo S70 varies depending on location, running condition, odometer reading, and other factors, ranging from $100 to $15,000 or higher. For example, an older car with significant external damage will generally be worth less than a newer vehicle with minor engine issues. At DamagedCars, we know the actual worth of your automobile.

Putting money into repairing a car in bad condition only means putting more money into a non-functioning vehicle. Instead, obtain a quick fair market offer for your automobile and receive cash.

You Can Get Paid Cash For Your Scrap Volvo With DamagedCars

If your Volvo S70 was in a wreck, you could have serious physical damage that might cst more than $1,000 in repairs. If you have a seized engine, you may need to replace the whole thing, which can be expensive in a majority of cases. Unfortunately, spending that amount of money may not be wise — you won't get that much money back when you sell the car in a majority of cases.

Most often it's best to get rid of it. You can receive a quote for the fair value of your damaged Volvo with DamagedCars.com. We buy vehicles with the following problems:

  • Non-starting Volvos
  • Collision Volvos
  • Scrap Volvo S70s
  • Volvo S70s with transmission problems
  • Volvos with bad motors
  • Volvo S70s with body damage
Thanks to our company's proficiency and ability, we know what your car is worth and we're ready to make an offer for it. We'll help you discard your undesirable vehicle without the fuss, and you can get cash in the process. Get an estimate now! 

Get An Offer For Your Broken Volvo S70 With DamagedCars.Com. We Make It Straightforward.

If you have a Volvo that will drive, fixing up it might break your bank. You might instead try parting out for extra cash. That requires too much time. Fortunately, there are better choices for dealing with a non-working car.

With our FREE market value estimation tool, receiving the what the fair-market cash value of your car with a bad engine is takes just 90 seconds to complete. With our company, you can get paid cash in 24 to 48 hours.

We want to pay cash for your less-than-perfect Volvo. You want to trade in it. Get started now.


Can I Junk My Volvo With DamagedCars For Parts?

Yes, DamagedCars can help you scrap your car in bad condition. By recycling the parts in your car rather than throwing them away, we can keep waste out of dumps and decrease the environmental impact that vehicles have on the planet.

If I Trade In My Scrap Volvo Using DamagedCars, What Happens To The Vehicle?

At DamagedCars.com, we will always responsibly recycle your scrap Volvo S70 in an environmentally friendly way. Our licensed and knowledgeable junk car buyers recycle components, rebuild and resell the car or melt down the prized metals inside, like steel, aluminum, platinum and more, to be formed into new products. Additionally, DamagedCars.com follows principles laid out by the ARA so we can ensure it's done right.

How Do You Know A Car Is Junk?

Generally, a vehicle is junk when its worth is so low it's no longer worth rebuilding. This can apply to dust-collecting, unwanted and broken-down end-of-life cars. You can find out what your car is worth by getting an offer with DamagedCars!

Can I Trust You?

Absolutely! DamagedCars.com has been in business for over ten years. We have a dedicated team of car evaluators who can evaluate your Volvo and tell you how much it is valued at in just a couple of seconds. We also have excellent reviews online — our client assistance is designed to put you first. You get paid right then and there when we haul your vehicle — no wait — and then we'll send the notice of sale to you to prove that you have sold the Volvo.

Will I Have To Bring My Volvo To You?

No, because we'll handle the entire process for you. Pick-up is also included for FREE with all our quotes thank to our car buyers in your area. All that's required from you is wait for the service provider to arrive, hand over the car keys and verified copy of your title, and collect your check! There are never any fees for using DamagedCars.com.

Will I Have To Wait To Get Money?

There's no delay! When the driver arrives with the payment in hand, you'll get your money immediately. All that's required from you is hand over the keys to your car and certified copy of the title. It's fast and easy to receive your payment with DamagedCars.

It's Time To Get An Offer For Your Broken-Down Car.