Recently Purchased 1995 Lexus ES 300 in Littleton, CO

Bought for $600.00!
Body:2WD | 4 Door (Sedan)
We Bought a car in Littleton

The Condition

  • Collision Damage:Rear
  • It starts and drive.
  • Mileage:222,000
  • Tires are attached and intact.
  • The glass and lights are intact.
  • Airbags are attached and intact.
  • No missing parts.

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1. Tell Us About The Problems Of Your Lexus ES 300

Begin by letting us know about your car. Add pictures and the VIN when trying to get the most precise offer for your car. The more details you provide, the more exact the estimate will be.

2. Look Over Your Estimate

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  • Lexus ES 300s post-accident
  • Lexus ES 300s with a faulty engine
  • Lexus ES 300s that can't be driven
  • Lexus ES 300s with transmission damage

Will DamagedCars Pay Cash For A Junk Lexus ES 300 With Collision Problems In Littleton, CO?

YES. can give an offer on any broken-down, run down or mechanically defective car in just a couple of seconds. We always provide troubled car owners fair market prices for broken-down vehicles in any condition.

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I Want To Trade In My Scrap Lexus ES 300. How Much Can I Receive For It?

You may be taken aback by how functional the components in your scrap vehicle still are. A knowledgeable and experienced scrap car dealer will have the skill required to repurpose the scrap metals, as well as valuable metals, from your car in order to extract and reuse them in other cars. Contingent on the size and weight of your vehicle, you can get anything between $100 and $500 or more for the vehicle if you sell it to a reliable buyer.

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I Want to Sell A Lexus ES 300 With Heavy Body Damage In Littleton, CO — Who Will Buy It?

With, getting money for your damaged Lexus in Littleton, CO is super easy. We are experts at in purchasing cars with any sort of damage. Damages on the frame or exterior? We buy it. Deer hit your car? We buy it, also. Except for fire damage — does not buy vehicles with fire damage. Other than that, you're a-okay. Receive your evaluation in no more than 2 minutes for your vehicle and we'll come to directly to you within 48 hours. No stress, no hassle.

My Lexus ES 300 Can't Move — Will Charge Extra To Come And Tow It In Littleton, CO?

When you say yes to our final offer, DamagedCars will come to you at your home or office and tow the vehicle. There are never any fees associated with using our service. Our entire service is free of charge from the start to the finish. Get your offer now and we'll bring you a check within 48 hours!

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