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Sell Your Car To A Junkyard!

DamagedCars can make an offer on your vehicle in just 90 seconds — free towing guaranteed!

If you’re looking to get rid of your junk car, selling it to a junkyard might be your first choice. And why not? Junkyards aren’t too hard to find, and they’re virtually always interested in acquiring more inventory.

However, if you’ve never experienced working with a junkyard before, learning how to navigate the industry, understanding the terms and — most importantly — figuring out how to get the most for your vehicle may be a challenge.

Will A Junkyard Buy My Car?

In short, yes. Junkyards are pretty much constantly seeking vehicles to buy, since they make their money by constantly moving inventory (vehicles) through their system. Junkyards aren’t particularly picky about vehicles, either; they’re happy to accept anything from a wrecked Tesla to a 25 year old high-mileage, low tech Chevy truck.

However, calling the first junkyard you can find a phone number for may not necessarily be the best move for you. Instead, it’s a good idea to contact different junkyards and compare their quotes to figure out who will actually give you the best offer.

Other things you want to keep in mind:

If you’ve decided it’s time to sell your car, make sure you do your research on the questions above first. Sometimes an offer isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. For instance, a $500 with a $75 towing fee is obviously going to be less valuable than a vehicle with a $450 offer with free towing.

You should also factor in convenience, guarantee and customer service depending on what you value in a transaction.

How Much Will A Junkyard Give Me For My Car?

How much a junkyard pays for junk cars depends heavily on the details of the vehicle. In general, junkyard offers are closely linked to the current price of scrap metal. Expect anything from $100 to $1,000 for your vehicle.

One thing to keep in mind: You can’t ever expect Kelley Blue Book values from a junkyard. If you’re selling a car to a junkyard, it’s going to be recycled for its usable parts, not resold to another buyer who could get years of use out of it. That means you should generally only consider a junkyard when your vehicle has actually depreciated significantly in value.

Because you’re not going to get the same amount from a junkyard as you would from a buyer intending to use the vehicle as-is, you should carefully consider when you decide to turn to a junkyard.

When should you sell your car to a junkyard?

  • When your vehicle has depreciated significantly in value.
  • When your vehicle is no longer repairable.
  • When repair costs approach 50 percent of the car’s current market value.

For example, serious engine or transmission problems can be costly enough that it’s no longer worth repairing a vehicle, particularly an older or high-mileage car.

How To Sell My Car To A Junkyard

Selling your junk car to a junkyard is relatively simple. The best, easiest way to sell your car to a junkyard is:

  • Look up junkyards in your area. The first step is to figure out how many options you have. In some locations, you may have dozens of yards in your area, but if you’re remote enough, there may only be one or two options within driving distance.
  • Call around different junkyards to compare quotes. Make sure to describe all the important details about your vehicle, including the state of the engine, transmission and catalytic converter. Don’t forget to ask about fees and when they can pick up your vehicle, if at all.
  • Compare your different offers. Your next step is to compare the options you’ve been given and pick the offer that best suits your needs.
  • Schedule the sale. Once you’ve selected a junkyard to sell your vehicle, call them back and schedule your sale or pickup time. If you’re driving the vehicle to the shop, figure out when they’re open and remember to arrange transportation how. If the shop is going to tow the vehicle, schedule your pickup and make sure you’ll be available.
  • Complete the sale! The last step is to transfer ownership of the car and collect your payment! You’re typically going to need the car title and the car keys to complete this final step. Hand them over and collect your payment — the sale is over!

Use DamagedCars To Sell Your Car Now

There’s an easy way to sell your car to a junkyard in a way that comes with benefits: use DamagedCars! Why choose us?

  • You can sell your vehicle online — contact-free!
  • We provide guaranteed fair market rates.
  • DamagedCars provides FREE towing with all our quotes.
  • We will never charge you for fees.
  • You can get paid in as little as 24 business hours!

DamagedCars specializes in providing a convenient, easy, customer-service focused option for clients looking to get rid of their junk cars without the fuss. No hassle, no haggle and no fees, ever.

It takes just 90 seconds to get a fair market offer with a seven-day guarantee from DamagedCars. If you’re happy with the offer, we can help you schedule your free pick up and get your payment in 24 to 48 business hours!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find Junkyards That Buy Cars Near Me?

You can find junkyards using Google, but you can also instantly connect to a network of junkyards near you by requesting a quote from DamagedCars. We can help you find the best price in your area in just 90 seconds with a brief description of your car and a few photos.

Will A Junkyard Buy My Car?

Yes, a junkyard is almost certainly willing to buy your car in any condition. Junkyards are constantly searching for inventory, and are typically happy to make a scrap metal offer on your vehicle at the very least.

Should I Sell My Car To A Junkyard?

Whether it’s time to sell your car to a junkyard or not depends on a few factors: how old is your vehicle? What condition is it in? Does it require any repairs and if so, how much will they cost to complete?

Generally, an older or high-mileage vehicle, non-running vehicle or vehicle with serious mechanical problems can be treated as a junk car and sold to a junkyard.

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