Did you know?

It’s virtually impossible to part out every piece of a car. Between 30 and 50 percent of a vehicle will eventually be sent to a recycler to be shredded. That means a car shell will still need to be dispose of once it’s been stripped of any useful pick and pull car parts.

What is my car worth

Once you’ve decided your car isn’t worth fixing anymore, you’ll need to get it out of your driveway. You can either try to part it out and get more money back out of it, or haul it to the shredder or salvage yard. They’ll put it out in the back 40 where someone might eventually pick it over, looking for cheap auto parts.

What is ‘Pick and Pull’?

If you’ve ever gone to parts stores, you know replacement parts aren’t cheap. You’ll quickly learn where to find parts cars or a salvage yard where you can find used parts for less. Salvage yards, car wreckers, auto recyclers – they’re all just other names for pick and pull parts stores.

How Pick and Pull Parts Work

The concept is pretty simple: it’s a self-serve system for finding used parts. You bring your own tools along, find cars with the part that hopefully fits your needs, take it off on your own, and bring it home to install on your own car.

The benefits to pick and pull car parts:

How Pick and Pull Parts Work

  • Prices are a fraction of the cost of a new part.
  • One yard can contain cars, vans, light trucks, and SUVs all in one place.
  • You can take related parts that you might need, not just the stripped-down part you’d buy in a store.

The downside of pick and pull parts:

  • Selection varies depending on the cars, vans and light trucks that came in recently.
  • In most cases, there’s no good way to test the used parts before buying them.
  • You’re on your own to make sure the part will work for your application.
  • Many are open short hours or only open a few days a week.

When Your Car Has Seen Its Last Road Trip…

When Your Car Has Seen Its Last Road TripAfter a car has spent hundreds of thousands of miles on the road, burned through several sets of tires, and been repaired dozens of times, there’s a point to call it quits. Your vehicle needs to be retired.

  • You can try to sell it, but there’s a chance it can’t be certified anymore. The Check Engine light could be on, there could be rust holes through the doors or the floor (or both), and the engine sounds like a bag of marbles rolling around in a washing machine.
  • You can try to part it out yourself, but the rusting carcass of your car will sit on your driveway for weeks, months, or even longer.
  • There’s always the option to park it on your lawn and call it ‘yard art’, but your neighbors may not like it very much.
  • If your car is beyond repair and you want to send it to a new home, a pick and pull parts location can seem like the right place to go. But is there a better option?

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