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What is the worth of my Tundra that has a broken motor?

Our firm offers more than just quick cash for our customers (even though we do provide cash as well). We also provide top-notch customer service, complimentary towing, free title transfer, and a hassle-free process for trading in your vehicle. Our multitude of outstanding reviews is evidence of our commitment to our clients.

The value of your Toyota Tundra ranges from $100 to $5000 or higher, depending on several factors such as proximity to export markets, odometer reading, and ability to run. Typically, an old car with severe damage is less valuable than a newer car with minor engine issues. The higher repairability your vehicle has, the more it is worth.

Waiting is pointless. Obtain a fair and fast offer and receive payment right away. DamagedCars provides a hassle-free way to dispose of your non-functional car.

Get Paid Cash For Your Scrap Toyota Tundra Now

When your Toyota is badly damaged, deciding to repair it may not be the right choice. Whether you have a broken engine or serious exterior damage, you could be facing over $1,000 in repair costs, and the worth of your car may have decreased permanently even after shelling out that kind of money to rebuild it.

When your Toyota's damage is serious, don't spend money on expensive repair costs — earn money instead. DamagedCars will give a fair offer for it. We purchase:

  • Non-running Toyotas
  • Toyotas involved in crashes
  • Old Toyota Tundras
  • Toyota Tundras with costly mechanical damage
  • Toyotas with engine damage
  • Toyota Tundras with physical damage
Wondering the true value of your vehicle? Our company has the ability and proficiency to figure out its real market value, and we'll make an offer that reflects it. We want your clunker — and we make it super simple and quick to get money for it! Receive an estimate this very moment!

DamagedCars Has Recently Purchased These Toyotas

2001 Toyota Tundra

2001 Toyota Tundra

Mileage: 280,000Location: Riverton, UT
2000 Toyota Tundra

2000 Toyota Tundra

Mileage: 157,000Location: Burlington, MA
2001 Toyota Tundra

2001 Toyota Tundra

Mileage: 175,000Location: Milwaukee, WI
2000 Toyota Tundra

2000 Toyota Tundra

Mileage: 250,000Location: Key West, FL
2000 Toyota Tundra

2000 Toyota Tundra

Mileage: 368,000Location: San Marcos, CA
2001 Toyota Tundra

2001 Toyota Tundra

Mileage: 155,000Location: Lubbock, TX
2000 Toyota Tundra

2000 Toyota Tundra

Mileage: 168,000Location: Spofford, NH
2001 Toyota Tundra

2001 Toyota Tundra

Mileage: 75,000Location: Manassas, VA

Trade In Your Junk Toyota Today With DamagedCars.Com

If you've got a inoperable Toyota Tundra just sitting there picking up dust and you're not sure what to do — don't fret. Fixing up is never the best option. And breaking a car down for parts for some extra cash is generally not worth it. There are better ways to get cash for your damaged car through the internet.

Get started now and sell your damaged car in 24-48 hours. You can get your offer in no more than 2 minutes by listing details about the present condition of your vehicle.

So receive an offer from DamagedCars today! You'll get a quote in 90 seconds with a 7 day guarantee, free pick-up, free transfer of ownership and payment in 24 to 48 business hours.


Will DamagedCars.Com Help Me Junk My Toyota For Parts?

Yes! DamagedCars.com can help you recycle your broken-down Toyota Tundra. Recycling and reusing parts from aging cars is an environmentally beneficial way to junk them. By keeping them out of the landfill, you are decreasing the amount of waste that your vehicle generates.

What Does DamagedCars Do With Scrap Toyotas?

Tons of establishments properly recycle the many pieces of a car and extract the scrap metals left inside. Properly licensed and experienced buyers can rebuild or resell the vehicle, reuse or recycle the remaining components, or melt down the metal. DamagedCars follows the principles and rules by the ARA to take care it's done right.

How Do You Decide A Junk Vehicle Is Junk?

A vehicle becomes junk when it's reached the end of its life. Typically, this means the car is dust-collecting, or its worth is so low that it's only worth selling for parts. Typically, this means run down, less-than-perfect cars with very low values. The best way to find out the real value of your vehicle is to receive an offer with DamagedCars.

I Want To Read Reviews Before Using DamagedCars. Can I Do That?

Yes! We have countless exceptional reviews through the internet that attest to our first-class customer care. Our reviews are critical for our brand, and we always try to help our customers every day. With more than ten years of experience, we're confident we can serve you with the service required to trade in your vehicle safely and quickly.

Will I Need To Bring My Toyota To You?

No — free pick-up is automatically included with all our quotes! Our junk car buyer close to you will send a towing company driver straight to you, so all that you need to do is wait for the tow truck driver to arrive. Hand over the keys to your car and certified copy of your title, receive your check, and you have finished!

How Long Does It Take To Get Cash For My Toyota?

DamagedCars policy is to pay you immediately when we haul your car — the driver arrives with the payment. However, we can also mail you the payment if you need us to. Just reach out to your customer service agent and let them know.

Find Out What You Can Receive For Your Damaged Car Right This Minute!