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What Is My Damaged Rolls Royce Worth?

At DamagedCars, we offer much more than easy money to our clients. We also provide world-class customer service along with free towing and title transfer make the entire process of selling your car as seamless and smooth as possible.

Contingent on the condition your Rolls Royce is in, you can get anything in between $100 to $5000 or more. Its value depends on its proximity to export markets, ability to drive, mileage, and more. We know the true value of your vehicle, and we can make a fair offer for it.

If your car has mechanical issues, repairing it tends to be more than its value. It's time to get rid of it. Get a free fair quote from DamagedCars and get FREE pickup and payment in 24-48 hours.

Trade In Your Rolls Royce Quick With DamagedCars.com

Post-collision, you might be facing exorbitant repair bills. Body damage and engine issues can add up fast, depending on how bad the damage is. In some cases, it may not make sense to try and repair the vehicle.

Most times it's best to get rid of it. When your Rolls Royce is seriously damaged, don't spend money on expensive repair costs — receive an estimate from DamagedCars instead. We buy:

  • Broken Rolls Royce
  • Wrecked Rolls Royce
  • Scrap Rolls Royce
  • Rolls Royce with transmission problems
  • Rolls Royce with bad motors
  • Rolls Royce with physical damage
Wondering the actual cash value of your car? Our team has the expertise and proficiency to figure out its true market value, and we'll make an offer that reflects it. At DamagedCars.com, we want your vehicle, even if it's a clunker. Receive your offer now! 

We Want Your Rolls Royce. DamagedCars.Com Is The Best Choice To Sell Your Rolls Royce

If your Rolls Royce has been having problems, fixing up it may not be the right decision, since they can be very costly. And parting it out for the best offer might take too long. Luckily, there's a more simple way.

With our FREE evaluation tool, receiving the what the fair-market value of your broken engine car is takes just less than 2 minutes to complete. With DamagedCars.com, you can get paid cash in 24 to 48 hours.

DamagedCars wants to make a fair offer for your Rolls Royce with issues. Receive an offer today to get paid in two business days.


Can I Sell My Rolls Royce With DamagedCars.com For Parts?

Yes — DamagedCars can help you recycle your Rolls Royce for parts in order to keep car parts out of landfills. Recycling and reusing components in an environmentally beneficial way is an easy method of protecting the planet and decreasing the environmental impact your vehicle has after it is no longer drivable.

What Does DamagedCars.Com Do With Scrap Rolls Royces?

Thousands of companies responsibly recycle the numerous pieces that make up a vehicle and extract the scrap metals left inside. Properly licensed and knowledgeable recyclers have the ability to rebuild or resell the car, reuse or recycle the remaining components, or melt down the metal. DamagedCars.com adheres by the principles and rules by the American Recyclers Association to take care it's done right.

Does It Matter What Condition My Rolls Royce Is In?

No — DamagedCars.com can give an offer on vehicles in all shapes. That includes wrecked, damaged, dust-collecting, scrap, and unwanted vehicles. If you have a broken-down vehicle, we can pay cash for it for its fair market value.

What Can You Show Me To Prove DamagedCars Is Safe To Use?

We have over ten years of experience in this industry, and the reviews to prove that we're safe and reliable. After we pay cash for your Rolls Royce from you, we'll ask you to transfer over the title. Once we receive your Rolls Royce, we will complete the transfer of ownership so you won't be responsible for the vehicle. We'll also send you the vehicle bill of sale as proof that you sold the car to us.

Will You Pick Up My Rolls Royce For Free?

Yes! Pick-up is always automatically included in our offers, thanks to our service partners. A towing company driver will meet you wherever you are in 24 to 48 business hours after you agree to our quote. Just hand over your car's keys and certified copy of your title, then you can get your money right then and there!

How Do I Get Cash?

In most cases, DamagedCars will send you a check guaranteed by Wells Fargo or Bank of America with the tow truck driver. After you turn over the car keys and verified copy of your title, you can receive your payment and cash it in! Checks help us make sure that customers receive their full payment for the Rolls Royce.

It's Time To Receive An Estimate For Your Broken-Down Car.