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How Much Can I Get for My Kia Rio that Needs Repairs?

At DamagedCars.com, we offer more than just money for your damaged vehicle. Our commitment to providing exceptional customer service sets us apart. Our knowledgeable representatives have a decade of experience and will guide you smoothly through the entire process. You can sell your car for cash quickly and hassle-free.

At DamagedCars.com, we offer payment for Kia Rios ranging from under $500 to over $15,000. The ultimate value depends on several factors, such as accident history, mechanical condition, and mileage. Often, older vehicles are valued less than newer models. Additionally, extensive exterior damage can decrease the value more than mechanical issues. On the other hand, a blown engine can cause the value of your car to plummet by 50 percent or more.

Instead of continuing to invest your hard-earned money into repairing your broken-down vehicle, let us pay you for it! Receive a fair-market value quote for free and take advantage of our free towing service and 24-48 hour payment turnaround. Say goodbye to stress and hassle.

We Can Help You Get Cash For Your Damaged Kia Now

Do you have a high-mileage, inoperable or less-than-perfect car? Rebuilding it may not be the intelligent choice for you. Depending on how serious the damage is, you could be facing over $1,000 in repair costs that won't necessarily increase the value of your Kia Rio enough to make shelling out that kind of cash worthwhile.

Sometimes, it's just not worth fixing your damaged vehicle. In that case, the intelligent choice is to sell with DamagedCars instead! We pay for cars such as the following:

  • Kias with issues
  • Crashed Kias
  • Junk Kia Rios
  • Kia Rios with electrical problems
  • Kias with blown motors
  • Kia Rios with body damage
Our team can help you learn the real value of your vehicle — and we'll make a fair offer for it, no matter what shape it's in. We want your clunker — and we make it seamless and smooth to get paid for it! Receive your evaluation right away!

When It's Time To Trade In Your Kia, DamagedCars.Com Is The Best Spot

When dealing with a less-than-perfect car, most people take into consideration one of two choices: fixing up the vehicle or parting out for cash. Repairing a less-than-perfect Kia can cost more than you'd like to. And parting out a vehicle often comes at the expense of time for a little more money. There are better options

DamagedCars will give you a no obligation offer for your damaged vehicle that reflects the actual cash value of your car depending on its physical damage, odometer reading, mechanical condition, and more! It takes just just a couple of seconds to receive a quote today.

When it's time to receive a quote. DamagedCars.com is the right place to do it. We make it super simple and quick to get paid for your broken-down Kia.


Can I Sell My Junk Kia For Parts?

Yes — DamagedCars.com can help you junk your Kia Rio for pieces in order to keep car parts out of landfills. Recycling and reusing parts in an environmentally beneficial way is an easy method of protecting the environment and lowering the environmental impact your car has after it is no longer drivable.

What Will Happen To My Scrap Kia If You Pay Cash For It?

The businesses DamagedCars works with can responsible melt down and reuse the parts left inside the car and repurpose the scrap metals for use in other products. Our licensed and experienced car buyers will melt down expensive metals like aluminum, steel, platinum and more. DamagedCars.com follows the principles set by the A-R-A.org, so we can ensure we'll do it in an environmentally friendly way.

What Makes A Vehicle A "Junk" Car

You might decide a vehicle is junk when its going rate is so low, it's not worth repairing anymore and has reached the end of its list. Non-working, damaged and unwanted vehicles can all be deemed junk. The best way to find out the real value of your vehicle is to get an estimate with DamagedCars.com today!

What Can You Show Me To Prove DamagedCars Is Safe To Use?

We're known for our fantastic reputation and we can show you our reviews to prove it. When we buy your vehicle, we'll ask you to sign over the title when the towing company driver arrives. Once we receive the Kia Rio, we'll complete the transfer of ownership, and then send the bill of sale straight to you to prove that you have sold the Kia. You will not be legally liable for the car after we purchase it.

Is It Necessary For Me To Find A Towing Company?

Nope. Our towing partner in your city will send a tow truck driver straight to you, so all that's required on your part is wait for the driver to get there. Once they do, just hand over your car's keys and verified copy of your title, and you'll get your money immediately. It's that easy!

Will I Receive My Money When You Tow My Kia?

Yes — you get paid on the spot when we haul your car! We'll send a business check to you that is guaranteed by Bank of America or Wells Fargo with the driver. After you turn over the car keys and verified copy of your title, you can collect your check and cash it in!

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