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What's The Value Of My Acura EL If I Sell It With DamagedCars?

DamagedCars wants to improve the process of trading in your broken down car. That's why we provide much more than cash — we also pride ourselves on our professional customer service and dedication. We want to make the process quick and simple so you can get money and move on.

DamagedCars can help you figure out what your vehicle is worth in 90 seconds. You could get anywhere from $100 to $15,000 or more, depending on elements like the proximity to export markets, ability to run, mileage, and more.

There's no use in waiting. Get a free cash offer and get paid. DamagedCars.com is the most simple solution to junk your non-running vehicle.

DamagedCars.com Will Purchase Your Acura With Problems

Serious damage to your car can be pricey to rebuild. Depending on the severity of the damage to the car, you could be facing more than $1,000 in repairs if you try to repair it. Additionally, damage can permanently lower a car's going rate — in a majority of cases, you won't see that money again when you sell the vehicle.

Most times it's best to get rid of it. When your Acura is seriously damaged, don't spend money on expensive repair costs — receive an estimate from DamagedCars instead. We pay cash for:

  • Broken Acura ELs
  • Totaled Acura ELs
  • Junk Acura ELs
  • Acura ELs with mechanical damage
  • Blown engine Acura ELs
  • Acura ELs with frame damage
We know what your car is worth, no matter what shape it's in. You can get an estimate from us that reflects its actual cash value. Stop refusing to get rid of that vehicle in poor condition — DamagedCars.com wants to buy it. Receive your evaluation straight away!

DamagedCars.Com Makes Trading In Your Acura Super Easy And Quick

If you have a Acura with seized engine, you might be thinking about one of the following options. One is to try and fix it. Rebuilding a car with a broken engine is generally expensive. For some vehicles, it might be worth it — but not all. You can also try and part it out to extract the most value for your car. However, that frequently requires too much time..

DamagedCars.com will give you a cash estimate for your damaged car that reflects the current market value of your car depending on its exterior damage, mileage, ability to start or drive, and more! It takes just no more than 2 minutes to get an offer today.

Start here to get paid cash in less than 48 business hours. We want your vehicle, and we're waiting to make a fair offer for it.


Will DamagedCars.Com Help Me Sell My Junk Acura EL For Parts?

We have helped thousands of people in situations just like yours get paid cash for their scrap cars in bad condition. By recycling and reusing pieces from broken-down cars, DamagedCars.com aims to reduce the impact that non-starting vehicles have on the world around us.

What Do You Do With Scrap Cars You Purchase?

DamagedCars.com car buyers can responsibly recycle the parts left in your Acura EL and extract the scrap metals left inside, including steel, platinum, aluminum and more. Then, our towing partners can create new products with the extracted metal or sell them to other businesses that can do so. DamagedCars follows principles laid out by the A-R-A.org so we can guarantee it's done right.

Is It Better To Get Cash For My Acura On Craigslist?

Although many troubled car owners turn to sites like Craigslist to make a quick sale, there are some downsides to trading in your vehicle with these services. It's on you as the seller to figure out if a buyer is legitimate — there aren't any protections or safeguards when selling to Craigslist browsers, which means you could easily be scammed. On the other hand, sites like DamagedCars have protections in place and a public reputation to maintain, which means you can be sure of your experience.

Is DamagedCars.com A Trustworthy Company?

Yes — we have more than ten years of experience in the industry and we know how to evaluate and analyze your Acura fairly. We also have numerous superb reviews to attest to our skill and first-class customer care. Additionally, when we buy your car, we'll ask you to get the title transferred when the towing partner arrives. Once we receive the Acura EL, we'll complete the transfer of ownership, and then send the vehicle bill of sale directly to you to prove that you have sold the Acura.

How Does Towing Work?

Thanks to our junk car buyers across the nation, we can send a towing company driver straight to you in two business days. The towing company driver will meet you wherever you are and pick up your Acura EL for free — absolutely no payment required. Just make certain you have the keys and verified copy of the title ready, and you'll get paid on the spot.

How Will I Get Paid For My Acura EL?

DamagedCars.com will send you a business check guaranteed by Wells Fargo or Bank of America in most cases. You'll get your money immediately when the driver tows the Acura. We use business checks to make sure that our customers receive their full payment without a problem.

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