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Car Donation for Tax Credit

Car Donation for Tax CreditIf you have an old, wrecked, broken-down, unused car taking up a good portion of the valuable property that is your driveway, car donation for charity can be a very attractive concept. You donate your car, get a nice big tax write-off and feel good about helping someone in the process. But, is car donation really all it’s cracked up to be?

Did you know?

The maximum tax deduction you can get for a car donation is $500? The IRS changed laws surrounding the tax deductibility of car donations in 2005!

We can give you a market-value offer for your damaged or used car, and it’s often the best option for you! Sell your car to us and get a guaranteed offer, fast!

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Where to Donate a Car?

That’s really the question. Where do you donate your car? There are a lot of services that will take your car and give you a donation receipt. Eventually, some of the money raised when that service sells your car may make its way to a charity, but not before the service takes their cut. In the end, less money than you probably expect is actually donated.

How to Donate a Car? 

On the other hand, there are some charities that will accept the donation of your car. If you find a charity that serves a cause you care about that accepts donated cars, that’s a wonderful thing. But, most charities don’t have the capability to handle donated cars. To really support those charities, you have to give them what they really need, a cash donation.

What Is Your Car Worth?

Your car has value, not matter the condition. If you have a broken-down, wrecked, salvage or even a junk car, it’s worth something. Car donation services have overhead costs. They have employees to pay. They take your donated car to sell through various channels. Some of the money is kept for their costs and their profit. The rest is donated to the charity of your choice.


What if there was a better way?

At, we think there is. Our specialty is buying cars in less-than-perfect condition. We’ve been doing so since 2007. We look at every car individually to make sure we give the best offers possible. By taking into account the year, make, model, location, mileage and condition of your car, we can give you a guaranteed offer fast pretty much anywhere in the Continental United States.

How is selling your car to better than donating it? First, we will make you a guaranteed offer for your car. Then one of our nationwide service providers will pick up your car for free and hand you a check for the exact amount of the guaranteed offer.

Now you have a check for you’re the full amount of what your damaged car is worth that you can donate to any charity you wish. You can take control over your donation. Buys Salvage Cars

Here’s how works…

Step 1:

Request an offer for your car and submit the details through our form or over the phone. The more detailed and accurate the info, the better your guaranteed offer will be.

Once you submit a request for an offer, you’ll either get an instant online offer or a representative will contact you for more information about your car. They’ll then give you an offer over the phone.

Step 2:

For all cars, you must have a title in your name to sell the car. We can’t buy cars without titles or with titles in anyone else’s name.

Sometimes, we may request a scan of your signed title. This is only used to verify the name and address of the car’s owner and it's signed in the right place. We might ask for a scan of the owner’s driver’s license, too. This is used to to verify your name and signature matches the title. Only a car’s legal owner can sell the car.

We only need to verify your name, address and signature with your license. You can cross everything else out for your privacy. For your title, we only require a scan which is not usable in any way to transfer ownership of your car.

Step 3:

Once you accept an offer and any necessary verification is taken care of, we’ll work with you to get your car scheduled for pick-up. We use a nationwide network of local service providers to pick up your car. All of our service providers are fully licensed and insured for both your safety and theirs.

Most cars are picked up between 24 to 48 hours after you accept our offer. Sometimes it can take a little longer to pick up your car under certain situations, like holidays and weekends.

Once your car is scheduled for pick up, a local tow drive comes to pick up your car. Unless you’ve made previous arrangements with us and the tow driver, please make sure you're near the phone whose number we have in order for the driver to be able to contact you.

If they can't reach you, they may not be able to pick up your car and give you your check. Before the service provider arrives, be sure to have your title properly signed and have it available. We can't pick up your car without a signed title. Also, before pick-up, make sure you remove any personal items from your car.

Once the service provider verifies the title, they’ll give you your check in the full amount of your guaranteed offer on the spot. only pays in cashier's check or locally issued corporate check. We don't pay in cash for your safety and the safety of our service providers.

If this sounds like a better way to use your damaged car to donate to a worthy cause, click on the button below to get the process started to sell your car to where we buy cars in less-than-perfect condition, nationwide.


What’s your Car Worth?

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