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Finding Auto Repair Near You 

Over a vehicle's lifetime, it’ll endure normal wear and tear. But, sometimes, bigger problems happen. Ideally, such damage wouldn’t be too bad and only require a quick search of "auto mechanic near me" or "auto body shops near me" online to find the perfect fix. In a perfect world, you'd find a cheap mechanic near you who does high-quality car repairs.

Unfortunately, that's not always the case. Damage happens. Break-downs happen, and sometimes the best option is to simply sell the car and move on. Not every scenario can be solved by a car mechanic or body shop near you.

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How to Know if You Should
Fix Your Car or Sell it?
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Some repairs can be too costly to fix. Engine replacements, frame damage, cylinder head gasket repairs, transmission failures and broken timing belts are all big ticket repairs and frequently lead to selling a car over repairing it. But, what if you’re not quite sure if repair is your best option? Download our checklist to help you make that decision.

But, if you do decide to fix your car, how do you know if the mechanic or body shop you choose is the right one? Download our list of questions to ask before you have your car repaired. Asking the right questions can save you a lot of time, money and headaches. Do they charge storage fees? How long will the repair take? Are they ASE or I-Car Certified? Are they insured? The list goes on and every question may save you money.

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Next, take a look at our list of Mechanics near you and body shops near you. We’re adding to this list all the time.

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How to Find the Right
Body Shop or Mechanic?
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Mechanic Repair vs. Selling

Many people do not realize that mechanics and body shops do not provide the same services or even necessarily the same quality of services. Some mechanics, for example, specialize in a vehicle's power train (engine, transmission, etc.) while other focus on suspension, brakes & wheels.

Unfortunately, mechanical issues make for some of the most expensive repairs. Some of the most costly items to fix or replace in a vehicle include can run vehicle owners into bills totaling in the thousands. When looking for a mechanic, always look for one that is ASE Certified.

"Mechanics near me" is not necessarily always the key phrase to a financially sound vehicle decision.

Body Shop Repair vs. Selling

Body shops typically offer more comprehensive coverage. Most will repair body damage and repaint cars. Others specialize in just dent repair. In many cases, a visit to the auto body shop means an accident happened. If so, the combined damage of what's likely on both body and mechanical may also price you out of a repair.

Though accidents are infrequent, there's always a risk that an auto body repair shop may fail to handle an issue properly or cite necessary repairs that aren't even necessary. When looking for a body shop, always look for one that is I-Car Certified.

Difficulties brought on by both car mechanics and auto body shops often make selling a damaged vehicle the best possible option.

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mechanic shops near me
mechanics near me
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The Other Option: Damagedcars.com

Often, the best solution to a damaged car or broken-down car problem is selling it to Damagedcars.com.

The more damage a vehicle sustains, the more susceptible it becomes to further damage. Each crash, sideswipe, hailstorm, or repair sets you and the vehicle up for another incident. Eventually rubber belts dry out, metal warps, and electrical parts just stop working. It also wears away your peace of mind, never knowing when the next costly repair is waiting around the corner.

Selling your car—no matter how damaged it is—to Damagedcars.com will leave you with money to buy a new car, one that won't constantly leave you stressed over future repairs. Getting a new car with the money promotes safety and security. If you buy a new car, it will come with a warranty and possibly even some standard free maintenance. Selling your car to us also allows you to save the time and stress that you'd otherwise be spending on your damaged vehicle.

Making money from your damaged vehicle with us is a simple three-step process. First, you submit your general vehicle information and agree on a price with us. Second, you send us proof of your identity and ownership of the vehicle. Finally, we pick up your damaged vehicle and you get paid. We make sure every step of this process is simple and convenient for you.

With convenient locations throughout the Continental US, and our professional approach, we are able to make you an offer, take care of car removal and pay you within days of your decision to sell your car, so stop worrying about whether to repair your car. Get your full salvage value by contacting DamagedCars.com today.

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