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Who buys broken cars?


One of the options available for you is trading in your broken car at a dealership. The aim of a dealer is to buy the car at the lowest price possible so that they can make a profit when they resell it. In addition to the low price they offer you, dealerships hardly have the expertise of appraising your damaged car according to the standards of the industry.

Car museums or collectors

If you have ever been to a car museum, you must have noticed that the vehicles on display are either very rare to find, or are old and unique models. The same applies to collectors. They are only interested in unique cars. If you are considering selling your car to a museum or a collector, asking yourself this question first – would anyone pay to see my vehicle in a museum or a collector’s gallery?

Private buyers

There are people who buy damaged cars, repair them and sell them. One thing you should have in mind when looking for a private buyer for your vehicle is that most will only buy a vehicle they are sure they can fix. If it has major mechanical issues, you had better consider other options like

Educational institutions

Institutions that train mechanics often buy damaged cars for their trainees to work on. The only disadvantage of selling your damaged car to such an institution is that they will buy it for much less it’s market value. This is because they will not be making any money out of the car after all.

Part recyclers

Recyclers of motor vehicle parts buy damaged cars, tear them apart and sell the valuable parts. This means that by selling your car to a recycler, you are only getting the value of the parts that are on demand., on the other hand, will offer you a fair market value for your whole car and pay you the instant they pick the car.

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Who will buy my car for the best value?

First, here are some few things you should know about your broken car.

  • Sometimes, it is better to give up on your damaged car than try to salvage it.

  • Fixing a broken car is almost always uneconomical. Sell it instead.

  • Never get a damaged car on the road because it will only land you in trouble with law enforcement. Some states will only let you drive a car once it is totally fixed.

  • If you can’t fix it, sell it – don’t let it sit in the garage.

  • Every damaged car has some value to it. It only takes 90 seconds to check the value of your car and get a free offer at buys broken and damaged cars

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