But what about the cost of ownership? Depreciation? Estimated repair costs? Build quality? While those factors may play a part if your decision to buy a new car or sell your car, they may not be as high on the cost-benefit analysis as perhaps they should be.

Let's take a deeper look at one of those factors: estimated repair costs. Car models are being updated, refreshed and replaced at a quicker and quicker rate. Automakers used to go many years between model updates, But, today, you'll frequently see face-lifts every few years with new models following shortly thereafter.

Therefore, when looking at a new car and its potential repair needs over a few years, there isn't a lot of time to gather actual repair statistics for one model over an extended period of time (say five years). So you have to look at a specific vehicle, the Audi S4, for example, and look at trends of repairs and costs over several models and many years, you get a good estimate of repair costs.

That's exactly what Cars.com has done for pretty much every car on the market today. We went over their results and pulled out our Top Ten Cars with the Highest Estimated Repair Costs over five years. There are practically thousands of cars for sale today, so this list may not be perfect, but it offers a good look. Get an offer today!

So, without further ado, the DamagedCars.com Top Ten Cars with the Highest Repair Costs...

Top Ten Cars with the Highest Repair Costs