Should I Donate My Car Or Junk It?

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Got an old car you’re thinking about junking?

Regardless of whether or not your car is still puttering along or collecting dust in your garage, you want to get that old clunker off your hands.

While junking your car is an option, donating it can bring on massive “feel-good factors” for you.But donating a car might not always be your best option to quickly get rid of an old car for the best value.

If you want to find out what exactly your old car is worth, check out our instant value calculator.

Continue reading to learn about the ins-and-outs of donating an old car, and whether it’s better to donate or junk a car you want to get rid of.

Pros And Cons Of Donating A Car

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  • Anything Goes - When it comes to donating a car, most charities will accept just about any kind of vehicle. Where dealerships might have issues with taking an old car off your hands, charities will most likely not have any qualms about doing so. Furthermore, they will often tow the car from wherever it’s located if you are unable to drive it to the charity.
  • Feel Good Factor - Donating an old car is a quick path for most people to feel good about themselves. A good deed that ultimately benefits someone else’s life is something everyone can get on board with.
  • Tax Benefit - Donating your car for cash to charity will likely net you a tax benefit. While a tax break isn’t the main reason to do nice things, it is a nice addition that does make doing something for someone else that much sweeter.


  • The Hassle - Donating a car can be a massive hassle. The paperwork process is convoluted enough to make your head spin and get in the way of you reaping your tax benefits.
  • The Deduction - Unfortunately, the deduction for a donated car is not always as large as what you would expect. Your deduction’s size depends on several factors including what the organization does with the vehicle and how much it’s worth. Additionally, the value of the vehicle may also affect what kind of paperwork you will have to file in order to claim the tax deduction.
  • Not THAT Beneficial - Charities aren’t typically equipped to handle an automobile donation, especially an old clunker. Even giving the vehicle to someone would require an immense amount of inspection and repairs before it could be a viable gift. Most charities will just put the car up for auction and take whatever it’s sold for.

Does It Make More Sense To Sell Your Car?

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Ultimately, having an old clunker on your hands and figuring out whether to sell or donate it can be quite the conundrum – is it worth it to donate a car?

Fortunately, there is a way to accomplish both!

DamagedCars is an online platform that makes selling less-than-perfect cars easy! With just a few tidbits of information, our dedicated customer service representatives can provide a quote for your old clunker within 90 seconds.

Like our quote? Then they can connect you with one of our partners in your local area. There, you can schedule a tow for your vehicle within 24-48 hours — absolutely FREE!

Once your vehicle’s hooked up, you get the entire quoted amount right in your hand. Now, you can take that and donate it to any charity of your choice.

No hassles with paperwork and towing and you get to make a direct impact on an organization of your choosing!

Contact DamagedCars today and help us help you help someone else!


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Who can I donate my car to?

How do you write off a donated car on taxes?

Once your vehicle is sold, whatever price it was sold at is what determines the amount of your donation.

If it sells for more than $500, you may deduct the entirety of the amount the vehicle sold for. If it sells for $500 or less, then you may deduct the fair market value of your vehicle up to and including $500.