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You might be one of those six million drivers last year. Your insurance company paid you out for your car and they took it away. But have you ever wondered where it goes?

Thousands upon thousands of cars that have been deemed a total loss by their insurance company eventually find their way back onto the same roads you used to drive in that very car. Your insurer ends up selling those total loss vehicles to people and businesses that either break them down for parts or scrap metal, or rebuild the vehicle and sell it.

You might’ve bought back your accident car from your insurance company. Or you might’ve inadvertently bought yourself a vehicle with a rebuilt title. It’s come time to sell it but you can’t find a buyer. What gives? Why are you having problems selling a rebuilt title car?

What is a Rebuilt Car Title?

Sell My Rebuilt Title CarIt helps to know what a rebuilt car title is all about. For cars that have been repaired after being deemed a total loss and inspected to be roadworthy once again, the DMV issues a new title. But it’s not a clean title anymore. It’s known as a rebuilt car title.

What is the meaning of a rebuilt car title? Word for word, it means what it says. The car has been rebuilt and a new title has been issued to tell any owner or potential buyer that the car has, at some point, been an insurance write-off.

Now, ‘rebuilt’ is a term that might not be completely accurate in every situation. Here’s what I mean:

  • A car can be involved in a major accident and the repairs will cost nearly the same or more than the car’s value. The car is written off, sold, and someone completes major repairs - or rebuilds - the car so it’s roadworthy again.

  • A car is stolen and not recovered for months. The insurance company deems it a total loss, pays out the claim, and the car suddenly shows up again. Unfortunately, the title is no longer clean. While the car is still in good shape, it’s treated like an accident vehicle, must be recertified, and branded with a rebuilt car title.

  • A vehicle is vandalized and getting the car back to its original condition is going to be costly. Even though all the work is cosmetic and the vehicle is completely drivable, it’s deemed a total loss due to the cost. Someone buys it and repaints it - or even drives it as is - but it’s been slapped with a rebuilt car title.

What Happens with a Rebuilt Title Car Value

It really doesn’t matter how the change in title happens. It can be a massive accident or cosmetic damage only. Once a car has a rebuilt car title, its value diminishes. It’s utterly unavoidable.

How much does a rebuilt title devalue a car? That’s not always clear, and it depends on the vehicle history report. If the car’s history shows it was a major accident, the rebuilt title car value will be lower than if the vehicle history shows less serious damage.

Rebuilt Title Car Value Calculator

Wondering how you can pinpoint the exact value of your rebuilt title car value? Sorry to say, there’s no exact rebuilt title car value calculator.

Want an approximate idea of what your car’s worth? Find its Kelley Blue Book value online in fair condition, then cut it in half. For cars with a rebuilt car title in pristine condition, you might be able to command a little more than that, but not very much. That ugly rebuilt car title will never go away...ever.

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Are Cars With Rebuilt Titles Bad?

That’s the big question, and it’s tough to answer. Some cars with a rebuilt title are fantastic - virtually brand new. But they’ll never again have new vehicle warranty, no matter what. There’s no guarantee that they’re in good shape. And if something happens while you own it, there’s no one who will help you.

Some rebuilt title cars are bad. Some car rebuilders cut corners, use recycled parts, perform subpar repairs, and may not even fix all the safety concerns like airbags. A rebuilt car title is like rolling the dice, and there’s always a chance you might roll Snake Eyes.

Can You Trade In a Rebuilt Title Car?

Trade in a Rebuilt Title Car

You’re having trouble selling a rebuilt title car, and now you know why. Can you trade in a rebuilt title car, and can you get more for it? Sure, you can trade it in. But you won’t get anything more for it because the dealership will positively see the rebuilt title. Very few dealers will resell cars with a rebuilt title. That pushes the value way down.

How You Should Deal with a Rebuilt Car Title to Get the Best Price

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