Linda lived for those long journeys up north and out west because she loathed flying. Why be crammed into a sardine can full of recycled air for several hours when there are long stretches of palm tree lined open roads and no liquid size limits? Linda felt she was in power behind the wheel. She even had a whole milk crate packed with full-size bottles of her favorite shampoo in the trunk just because she could!

Sell Your Junk Car in FloridaOne day, Linda received the sales call of her life and agreed to meet her prospect in New York. She was so excited! She packed her bags, put on her road trip playlist, then she was barely out of her driveway when suddenly her neighbor Paul completely blindsided her with his pickup truck. Paul was good-natured but absent-minded and had been looking for for little digital monsters on his phone even though he was supposed to be driving.

Fortunately, Linda and Paul weren't injured. But in Paul's quest to find a Pikalax (or something like that) that he thought was in Linda's trunk, he wound up making it a totalled car, milk crate of shampoo and all. What was left of the Corolla's bumper now decorated the sidewalk and the car that Linda had all those great memories in looked like it met the same fate of a Hot Wheels in the hands of a hyper child.

Sell Your Junk Car in Florida without Going to a Miami Junkyard or Orlando Junkyard!

In putting together a down payment for her next car, Linda thought about going to a Miami junkyard. She even called the Orlando junkyard she always passed on her way to meetings. Her jaw dropped when her mechanic told her how it much it would cost to get it to salable condition for the online classifieds.

"There has to be a better way to sell a car in Miami than dealing with the hassle of selling it myself!" Then one of Linda's girlfriends told her about, which was where she went after her car stopped running because she'd been driving it since Murphy Brown went off the air.

"It's really easy," Linda's friend Jessica told her. "All you have to do is put in the year, make, model, mileage, and condition. Have your title handy with your name on it. Super fast and easy. Just search online Cash for Junk Cars Near Me and you will find which has been around for almost a decade."

Sell a car in MiamiLinda filled out the online form and a friendly buyer named Fred suddenly expressed interest. Linda took some pictures of her car for Fred to ensure she'd get the best cash offer for her junk car. Much to her delight, Fred immediately gave Linda a guaranteed offer right over the phone!

Just like Jessica said, requires junk car sellers to have a title so Linda proved to Fred that her name was on the title. Fred arranged for a tow truck partner to come to Linda's house, and next thing she knew she was handing over the title and immediately receiving a check for the exact amount she was promised.

"That was so easy!" Linda sighed in relief. With her check and car insurance payout, Linda was able to buy an even better new car for more comfortable road trips, then she told Paul all about when he totalled his pickup truck because he thought there was a Squigglypoog in the bushes.