What Is A Catalytic Converter?

The catalytic converter on our cars is a part that minimizes the impact an engine could have on the environment in the form of air pollution. Without this part, smog would envelop the air around us and all the nasty gases that an engine produces would get out into our atmosphere and destroy the ozone that protects us from harsh sun rays.

There is a reason cars are mandated to have catalytic converters. The impact automobiles have had on transportation has been revolutionary in the US, especially with the introduction of highways. Almost everybody has a car now, and since most cars today utilize combustion in their engines, the environment is going to be messed with.

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Catalytic converters were invented to stop the more toxic gases an engine can produce. Every car should have one as it is a necessary part of the vehicle, but how do you know if it has stopped working? Not only would a faulty catalytic converter be bad for the environment, but because the converter can get clogged up, the performance of a vehicle can start to wane.

It is a common hack for cars to remove a catalytic converter once it has started to reduce performance. Removing it could increase performance, but the act of tampering with a catalytic converter is illegal, especially in states strict about the issue such as California. If you know something is wrong with the catalytic converter and it seems clogged up, do not remove it unless you are willing to gamble with the law.

Catalytic converters are durable parts on a vehicle, lasting usually around ten years, the part usually just has issues with getting clogged up. If you were to drive around long enough with a clogged catalytic converter, you would experience decreases in performance and eventually an engine that does not start up. This usually happens when engine fluid gets inside, causing reduced airflow to take place.

Tells for a Broken Catalytic Converter

Now that you know a little bit more about the problems a catalytic converter can face, why not see what to look for to tell when your catalytic converter is broken. Diagnosing a problem and getting it fixed quickly is the best way to risk complications further down the road with your car.

A bad catalytic converter will bring down your fuel efficiency suddenly and dramatically. Not getting a replacement catalytic converter could mean you are spending more money on gas than you would normally. You might even waste so much money, you could exceed the actual cash value of your vehicle to replace your faulty catalytic converter.

When you start to notice you're not accelerating anymore after putting your foot on the gas pedal, your catalytic converter is pretty much dead. Try to get your car to a mechanic quickly to check out what the problem is. If it is your catalytic converter that needs to be replaced, there is some serious thinking you need to do.

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If you live in California, emission testing is just the norm when it comes to owning a vehicle. If you happen to fail an emission test, your car won’t be legal to drive if it doesn’t pass. One of the biggest reasons you can fail an emission test is because of a faulty catalytic converter which is needed to reduce the harmful emissions these tests are looking for.

Of course, if you get a check engine light on your dashboard it is always a good idea to get your car checked by a mechanic. Another obvious tell is any bad smells you might be experiencing from inside or outside the car. Looking out for these things will mean you will be prepared to spot when your catalytic converter would need changing.

What To Do With A Bad Catalytic Converter

Sometimes a catalytic converter will just need to be cleaned out. This is usually what would be a great remedy when it has gotten clogged or dirty but this is not the case always. A catalytic converter can just break and when this happens a replacement is needed.

To replace a catalytic converter, you have to be ready to spend a pretty penny. The cost of replacing a catalytic converter can run between $1000 and $2,500. This is a lot of money to spend on just one part of the car so you can see why some people would illegally remove the catalytic converter.

Because catalytic converters are so expensive, they are a popular target for thieves. If you are missing your car’s catalytic converter, or have a damaged one, paying to have it replaced is not the only thing you can do.

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Is My Catalytic Converter Broken?

If your car is showing signs something is wrong with your catalytic converter, it does not always mean it is broken. Although a catalytic converter can break down, it can also clog up and impact your car’s performance.

If your catalytic converter is clogged, just take it to someone who can clean it for a decent price. The alternative is a costly replacement. You could also sell your car to DamagedCars to make some good money and get rid of the headache.

How Much Does A Catalytic Converter Cost?

A catalytic converter is an expensive part that costs around $2000. Without this part, driving your car would be illegal and terrible for the environment. They are expensive because of the precious metals used in making them.

How Much Is A Catalytic Converter Replacement?

A catalytic converter replacement could cost you anywhere from $900 to around $2500. Keep in mind labor costs would generally be from $70 to $130 an hour making this part not cheap to replace.

Catalytic converters are expensive because of the precious materials used to make them. These materials include platinum, palladium, and rhodium.

Is A Catalytic Converter Worth Replacing?

It depends on the value of your car. It is not worth driving with a bad catalytic converter or without one due to complications with the law. A bad catalytic converter will start to degrade your car’s performance and may even stop your car from working. Something needs to be done when you get issues in this area.

If you drive an old vehicle with a low market value it will not make any sense to buy a replacement catalytic converter. Look into selling your car and getting rid of the headache that came with it. DamagedCars is a great place to sell any damaged vehicles for fair and quick compensation.