To Repair or Replace?

Deciding whether the damage is repairable or not will be the first step in resolving the problem you’re having. Unfortunately, this isn’t always a simple decision to make. Your first step will be to file a claim with your insurance company to see what they say.

The most straightforward answers you can get are that your car is totaled, meaning the damage exceeds the value of the car, or that the costs of the damage are fully covered by your policy. If you fall somewhere in between and need to cover some costs yourself, you’ll need to think like an insurance company yourself to figure out what to do.

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If the amount of money you’d have to put towards repairs is 40 percent or more of what the car is worth, you may want to seriously consider selling your car and getting a new one.

If the damage your car has is from mechanical wear and tear rather than a reportable incident, you should use the same consideration to figure out if your repairs are worth it. It’s also worth considering that past a certain point, you may find yourself making frequent repairs that are individually affordable but cumulatively worth more than the car itself!

If your engine or other major systems start to deteriorate, the repairs are no longer worth your money or the potential safety hazards.

For Totaled Cars

If your car was declared totaled by your insurance company, the standard procedure will be for them to buy your car from you. Don’t sell your car this way! Instead, offer to buy your car back.

You’ll get a check for your car’s value minus your deductible and the amount your insurance company expected to make from it at auction. That’s a smaller check upfront, but receiving your car and a salvage title allows you to sell your car yourself and make more money overall!

Who Buys Damaged Cars?

Once you’ve made the decision it’s time to move on from your car, you’ll need to find a buyer. If you’re accustomed to upgrading out of cars in good working order, this may seem intimidating.

You don’t need to worry, though! You just need to look in the right places.

The first thing to know about selling a damaged car is that trading in at your local dealership is not a good option. Because dealerships have minimal use for used cars, and in particular only really have use for ones in great shape, the amount they offer on a trade-in is guaranteed to be lower than the market value of the car.

The trick to selling a junk car at a great price is selling it to someone who knows exactly how valuable it still is!

Though many people‘s mental image of a junkyard is closer to that of a landfill, in reality, junkyards are important processing facilities where cars are systematically broken down and recycled with care. This process requires specialized knowledge and equipment, which is why these facilities are the best prepared to pay top dollar for your car.

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How to Sell Your Damaged Car

When you’re ready to sell your car, you’ll need a few things. First and most importantly is to make sure you have your car’s title on hand. Buyers offering to purchase your car without a title or proper title transfer may be attempting to scam you.

Next, take a few photos of your car, write down its VIN, and if you’d like, gather any mechanical records explaining the car’s damage.

To get a quote from a local junkyard, the traditional method is to call around and answer some simple questions about your car and receive a quote over the phone.

You should never have to bring your car in to receive a quote! This process can be time-consuming, and it can be hard to ensure the quote you receive on the phone is the amount you’ll receive when the time comes to take your car.

To save the hassle, you should sell your car online with DamagedCars works with trusted salvage buyers in your area, saving you the time of safety screening and answering the same questions about your car over and over.

All you need to get a guaranteed quote are pictures and your VIN! You’ll get a free quote in just 90 seconds that’s good for seven days. If you have any questions, buyers can be reached by phone, text, email, or our on-site IM service!

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