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Like any vehicle, it was destined to depreciate. And while your car isn’t worth much – if anything – to you, it still has value. It might not be as a car anymore but as recycled scrap steel or used parts. The best news? You can sell unwanted cars for cash.

How Much Can You Sell Unwanted Junk Cars For?

Don’t get too excited now. You’re not going to retire off this sale, nor are you taking the family to Disneyland. Selling unwanted cars for cash is mostly to get rid of it; to make it go away so your wife or husband will stop nagging you about it.

For the average unwanted junk cars, you can expect to get anywhere between $100 and $1000 for it. While certain specialty models are at the upper end of that scale, it’s more likely you’ll get a few hundred dollars or less to sell unwanted car.

But what if it’s still a good car that you simply don’t want anymore? If your car is still roadworthy, it can command a tidy sum. A car that has a clean title can be worth $2,000, $3,000, $5,000 or even more.

Money for Unwanted Cars

Who Buys Unwanted Cars?

Surprisingly, there’s a market full of people who buy unwanted cars. Mind you, very few of those car buyers are willing to pay very much for your car, even if it’s still running and driving. They’re looking for a good deal with enough wiggle room so they can make their own profit off of it.

Car Repairers

There’s a group of car buyers who flip cars – not literally, although that sounds like fun. They buy cars with the intention to fix them up and resell them. This means that they’re trying to find good cars at bargain-basement prices. While they might be the right choice for cars that might hit the pavement again one day, you still aren’t going to get them to open their wallet very wide for your unwanted cars.

Car Recyclers

Perhaps your car has too many dents, dings, leaks, and rust holes to ever be roadworthy again. There’s a good change it has some high-quality, working parts on it still. Car recyclers buy unwanted cars for cash, then dismantle them and sell the individual used parts. It might make you feel good knowing your car’s parts are getting a second life. But because a car recycler has no way to know ahead of time if they’ll make money on your car’s parts, they aren’t very likely to give you much more than scrap value for it.


If you don’t think your car has any value for repairing or to sell as parts, or don’t care to find out, a junkyard will give you cash money for unwanted cars. You’ll be paid based on the going rate for scrap cars by the ton. It’s not usually very much, maybe $95 to $175 if you’re lucky.

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Junk Car Removal

The other problem you’ll run into is this: how do you get your junk car out of your sight? Odds are that it doesn’t run, and if it does, it’s probably not insured. You’re on the hook to pay for your junk car removal, and that’s a tow truck. All said and done, you could be paying as much as you’ll get paid for your unwanted car.

Unwanted Cars for Cash

We Buy Junk Cars

Would you rather deal with it all in one go? Then your best option is Damaged Cars. We buy junk cars in any condition – crashed, smashed, burnt, broken into, running or not, certified or not, scratched, dented, and abused. We buy less-than-perfect cars in all conditions.

Not only can you get money for unwanted cars, but we’ll take your car away for you. That’s right, we include junk car removal as part of our service.

How It Works

It’s so simple, anyone can used Damaged Cars. Just request a no-obligation quote for your car – that means you’re under no pressure to accept the quote. But if you like what we’re offering you, just accept the offer online. We’ll pay you for your car in as-is where-is condition and arrange to haul it away. There are no fees to use Damaged Cars, and we won’t take your car away unless you’ve been paid. Plus, we’ll take care of the title transfer fees.

Does it get any better than that? Get money for unwanted cars today with Damaged Cars.


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