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However, there are options for creating a cash flow while you wait for things to get back to normal. Here are some creative ways to make money and pay your bills while coronavirus mandates are still in effect.

  1. Sell Your Damaged Car To

    a junk car stands in the gardenDo you have a junk car sitting in your driveway unused? A car with mechanical problems too costly to address? Rather than letting it sit there while you’re locked in the house, consider selling it to

    You can complete the process without leaving the house. All you have to do to get started is:

    • Fill out our form

    • Submit pictures and a VIN

    • Get your quote

    It takes less than 90 seconds, and you don’t have to leave your house to do it. Additionally, our quotes are guaranteed for seven days, so you don’t have to rush into a decision,

    Once you’re ready to sell, all you have to do is reach out to us and schedule a pickup. You could have your vehicle picked up and a check in your hands in a matter of days.

    At, towing and title transfer are always FREE. There are no hidden charges or fees. You don’t have to go out to junkyards and you don’t have to worry about letting a ton of strangers come by to see your car.

    We offer fair market prices on vehicles, taking into account the year, make, model, trim and more. When the tow truck driver arrives, he or she will hand you a check on the spot.

  2. Sell Your Unnecessary Things

    the couple is cleaning the garageDo you have a garage full of things you’ve been ignoring for years? It’s time to do a spring cleaning. Clear out your house of everything you don’t want anymore and start selling it online. You can use platforms like Cragslist and Facebook Marketplace to post photos and prices for everything in your home.

    You can sell:

    • Unwanted furniture

    • Abandoned clothes

    • Extra home and garden tools

    • Leftover school supplies

    • Older electronics

    Important note: be sure to sanitize everything before you hand it off to someone else. Take the time to wipe down items with hard surfaces.

    Run any fabric through the laundry and dryer on the warmest settings possible. This will help reduce the risk of contamination on the off-chance that anyone in your house is carrying the virus.

    It might take time to move everything, and you’ll have to deal with scheduling pass-offs or putting things in the mail. But this is a great opportunity to both empty out your house and make some additional cash.

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  1. Become A Delivery Driver

    a courier is standing in front of a car with parcels in a trolley with the intention of deliveryAs businesses from breweries to restaurants to grocery stores turn to delivery-only models, there has been expanded demand for people who can deliver those goods to homes.

    If you have a car, a driver’s license and lots of spare time on your hands, it might be time to pick up a few part-time delivery jobs. Consider working with:

    • Amazon

    • Postmates

    • Grubhub

    • DoorDash

    • UberEats

    • Local businesses

    Worried about catching the coronavirus? Most businesses are right there with you. Drivers are being provided additional sanitizing tools to ensure that they don’t catch anything from any surfaces they use.

    Customers, also concerned about transmitting the virus, are asking delivery drivers to leave goods in front of doors rather than knocking. That means you have a significantly reduced chance of catching or transmitting the virus.

    In the meantime, fulfilling delivery orders allow you to generate a steady income.

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Get Some Extra Cash by Junking Your Car