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What Does My Transmission Repair Really Mean to Me?

The transmission of your car is really its heart and soul. This is why it is usually among the most expensive parts of your car to repair or replace. More importantly, a car owner knows the general health of his or her car by its transmission - once it starts to go, you know that you are generally on the tail end of the performance of that vehicle.As you move down this scale of performance and the car continues to age, you will likely experience more and more trouble with your transmission. The repairs will become more and more expensive, and at some point, you will have to make a decision about whether the next repair is worth it.

The Story of the Transmission Repair Shop

There was once a man with an aging BMW that he had loved for many years. He and his BMW had been through a lot, and the old car seemed more like a friend than a transportation vehicle. It had stuck by him longer than any of his friends’ cars, as a matter of fact.The car began to experience trouble with its transmission. The man took the car from place to place and got estimates that seemed worse and worse. On top of that, the towing costs to move the now intermittent vehicle were piling up, and the man was beginning to feel it in other aspects of his life. He was beginning to have trouble paying his bills, and the need to get to and from work in a car that didn't break down had become a pressing problem.Finally, one honest mechanic told him that the transmission on his BMW was completely shot. This was completely new information to the man, who had been going to garages who were just trying to pump him for money. In actuality, those garages had been making band-aid repairs that they knew would only last a few days. When the man came back, the garage would charge him for another band-aid repair.The honest mechanic told him that the transmission needed to be completely replaced, and on top of that, the shoddy repair work that the other garages had implemented had created other problems that required a hard replacement as well. The total bill was far more than the man could afford. Perhaps if he had run across the good mechanic before all of the bad ones, he might have been able to, but this is not what happened.He knew his car well enough to know that it was dying. As a last ditch effort, he had wasted thousands of dollars trying to save a car that could not be saved. The man prepared himself to say a tearful goodbye to his oldest friend. He began to look for options that would give him the most bang for his buck, although he did not know exactly how he was going to sell a car that did not work anymore.All of the junkyards quoted him cash offers that were lower than what he expected. Having just gone through his experience with the repair garages, the man wisely held onto his asset until he found, a site that was able to actually vet the value that it offered. Although the man had to finally give up his car, he was able to use his negative experience in the transmission industry to skip the line to the good people in the car buying industry.

Transmission Repair Shops Near Me

The moral of the story: Instead of looking for new transmission repair shops when you know that your car is unable to provide you the performance that you need, take your car directly to is a platform that gives you control over your next move with your vehicle - you can take a look at real offers that are based on market value rather than dealing with street level hustlers who are looking to make a quick buck off of your misfortune. If you know that your transmission repairs are not getting your car anywhere, stop letting those people take advantage of you. Money in is better than money out, and the sooner that you find your way to a new vehicle, the better off your life will be!

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