Recently Purchased 2005 Hyundai Tucson in Huntington Beach, CA

19 driver side car front
Bought for $270.00!
Body:2WD | 4 Door (Wagon)
We Bought a car in Huntington Beach

The Condition

  • Collision Damage:Driver Side
  • It does NOT start.
  • Mileage:105,000
  • Tires are attached and intact.
  • The glass and lights are intact.
  • It has deployed airbags.
  • It has missing parts.

We Want To Buy Your Less-Than-Perfect Hyundai In Huntington Beach, California

DamagedCars knows how much your car with a seized motor is worth, and we'll give an offer for it today. With over a decade of experience, our team has the skill and proficiency required to make the process of trading in your Hyundai Tucson in Huntington Beach, California quick and simple. You can get your check and move on in 24 to 48 business hours!

This is what you get when you use a bid that's valid for seven days, free transfer of ownership, free pick-up in Huntington Beach, on-the-spot payment when we come to tow your vehicle and a professional customer account manager to walk you through the entire process. There's no hassle, no fuss, and no fees, and absolutely no last minute haggling. Our company is designed with the client in mind, and that means we've made the whole process as easy as it could be possibly be.

The Steps To Trade In Your Hyundai Tucson With Problems

1. Describe Your Hyundai Tucson

The first step to receiving an estimate is filling out our convenient and easy form with information on your Hyundai Tucson's current shape. Remember to include photos and the VIN to improve the accuracy of the cash quote.

2. Consider And Accept The Offer You Get

After that, submit the form. We'll give an offer on your vehicle based on the details you offer. If you like the quote we offer, reach back out to your customer service representative to schedule a free towing in Huntington Beach!

3. Wait For The Service Provider To Show Up And Get Paid Cash

The last step is to wait for the towing partner to show up. We come to you in Huntington Beach, California in 24 to 48 business hours with the check. Turn over the vehicle and you'll get your check right then and there!

Here at DamagedCars, we offer an easy service with no obligation, absolutely no hassle, fuss, or fees. We'll pay cash for Hyundai Tucsons with collision issues in one to two business days for fair market quotes. Get your offer now!

Get Cash For Your Hyundai With Any Of The Following Conditions To DamagedCars In Huntington Beach, California:

  • Hyundais that won't start properly
  • Junk Hyundais
  • Crashed Hyundais
  • Hyundais with a problematic motor

Can Pay Me Cash For My Junk Hyundai Tucson In Huntington Beach, CA?

At DamagedCars, we are experts at buying cars with problems, including aging, non-running and less-than-perfect vehicles. If you want to trade in your vehicle, we can make an offer for it in no more than 2 minutes.

By completing our quick and easy form, we can tell you what your vehicle is worth. We make fair market offers and include free pick-up and title transfer with all our offers.

What's My Scrap Hyundai Tucson With Issues Worth In Huntington Beach, California? considers the dimensions and weight of your vehicle, current prices in the market in the scrap metal industry, the worth of platinum, aluminum, steel, trace amounts of precious metals and more as well as important parts — like the catalytic converter — in your vehicle to provide you with a quick and exact offer. You can get anything between $100 and $500 or more for your vehicle, depending on the severity of the damage to the car.

I Would Like to Know How Quickly Can Tow My Hyundai And Deliver My Payment In Huntington Beach, CA

Our company generally doesn't promise nor promote 24-hour towing. Although it may happen, it's unlikely. Our company will deliver the total payment and pick up your Hyundai within 48 hours from the moment you agree to our quote. In the event that you might need twenty-four hour pick-up service, bring it up with your dedicated customer account manager so that we inform them of your situation and do our absolute best to assist you out.

If My Hyundai Tucson Cannot Run, Will Pick It Up In Huntington Beach?

Whether your car is running or not, DamagedCars will meet you wherever you are for pick-up and payment in two business days. There will never be any fees for the removal of your vehicle. We do all the heavy lifting. The sole thing you have to do is show up and get paid!

Who Will Pay Cash For My Hyundai Tucson With Heavy Body Damage In Huntington Beach, California?

At DamagedCars, our evaluators are the industry leaders at buying Hyundais with all kinds of damage. Whether it is physical damage, damage caused by water, or animal-damaged — trust us, we have seen it all. Receive your estimate for your car in Huntington Beach, CA and we'll take it off your hands in 24 to 48 business hours. Trade in your vehicle with the most reputable junk car buyers online!