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How To Sell Your Junk Car

Ready to sell your junk car online? With DamagedCars, it couldn’t be easier:

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Get a quote.

It takes just 90 seconds to produce an offer from DamagedCars. All you need to do is fill out our simple form with some information about your car!

Easy Process Step 2

Accept the offer.

If you like our quote, accept the offer and schedule your free pickup and payment! Our customer service representatives can help you schedule it, or you can do it yourself.

Easy Process Step 3

Collect your check!

The last step is to wait for the tow truck driver to arrive with your payment in hand! Hand over the vehicle title and the keys, and collect your payment. That’s it — you’re done!


It couldn’t be easier to sell a junk car through DamagedCars. Click the ‘get an offer’ button to get started today.

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When you need to sell a junk car, DamagedCars is the right choice for an easy transaction. With close to four decades of experience in the auto industry, our team knows exactly what it takes to make your transaction smooth and seamless.

We buy junk cars every day! We specialize in helping you find reputable junk car buyers in your area that will pay top dollar for your junker or clunker in any condition. It’s as simple as getting a quote, scheduling your pickup and then waiting for the driver to arrive — you’ll get cash on the spot and free junk car removal.

Junkers, clunkers and scrap cars? Right up our alley. Get a no-obligation offer, free towing and on-the-spot payment today. We’ll make the process easy by providing a customer care agent assigned to your file who can walk you through the steps for selling your junk car, so everything goes perfectly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to sell a junk car?

The value of a junk car depends on its condition, size and location. In most cases, junk cars are going to be sold for scrap and their value depends directly on their weight and the scrap metal inside them. In some cases, they can be sold for parts and worth more. Prices can vary from under $200 for scrap metal cars to over $1,000 for cars with reusable parts.

How do I sell my junk car?

Contact junk car buyers in your area, describe your vehicle and negotiate an asking price (as well as towing costs, when applicable). Of course, you could always go online, too — use a service like DamagedCars to get an online quote, schedule a free pickup and collect your payment for selling your junk car.

How do I find the junk value of my car?

Looking to find out what your junk car is worth to compare quotes for selling it? You could figure out what scrap metal prices are doing in your area, but those fluctuate. Depending on your car’s condition, you could try to figure out how to part it out and sell the individual pieces — but that requires mechanical know-how, tools and patience.

There’s an easy way to do it. DamagedCars can generate an offer for your vehicle in under 90 seconds after you fill out our simple form. We work with top junk car buyers in your area to find you the best price without the fuss — towing and on-the-spot payment guaranteed.

Where do I sell my junk car?

If you’re looking for top dollar for junk cars near you, you have the option of calling for a quote from every local junkyard in your area, but that’s time-consuming.

The faster way? Get a quote from DamagedCars. We work with a network of local buyers to find the best price for your vehicle. Free towing is always included.