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A Few Tips & Tricks on Getting Money for a Junker

If you've recently been in an accident or simply just want to get rid of your old car, saving time and money is crucial. No one has time to drive around town trying to deal with selling an in less-than-perfect condition car. But getting cash for junk cars that you can't afford to fix or don't have insurance for can be easy with us. We'll help you get top dollar for your old car without the hassle of time and energy spent searching for different buyers or scrap yards.

Who Will Buy My Junk Car?

There are plenty of online junk car buyers, but if you think it might be an easy process or that they'll give you the full price for your car, you may have to think again. No quote is the same, often when trying to sell a junk car online. Most people are expected to take whatever price the buyer gives them once they show up to pick up the car.

Online scrap cap quotes are even harder to get a fair price on. Often the price people receive is based on how much the car weighs and not the actual model, make, age or condition of the car. For online scrap car buyers price per pound is the only criteria.

Online junk car buyers will give rough estimates of the price of your vehicle. Without committing to a set price, the can later drop the price down the road. No one has the time to deal with that stress.

How to Get Cash for Your Junk Car with

DamagedCars is an online broken car buying specialist. Our purchase process is simple and easy. You can sell your car in one to two days without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. We make instantaneous offers online and then come pick it up from your home, office or location that is convenient for you.

With DamagedCars you will get:

An exact quote for your junk car. No hidden numbers, no cost estimates, no changing the price later on. The price you're quoted on our website is the same price that will go on your check when you junk a car with us.

No charge for towing. Most dealers want you to bring your junk car to them. Yet with DamagedCars, we will pick up your vehicle from wherever it is at with absolutely no charge to you.

The best online scrap car prices. You don't need to drive around town wasting precious hours looking for buyers. Simply request a guaranteed quote from DamagedCars and save yourself all the time and effort. offers a fast, easy and fair solution to get rid of your scrap car. Our online buying system is the best way to sell your car quickly.

Whatever condition your car is in, even if its not running at all, DamagedCars will give you a fair price for the as-in condition. And as an added benefit we will come to pick it up at a convenient location for you and tow it away at no charge. Visit our website today to see for yourself.

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