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We're a Nationwide Car Buying Company

In recent years, we had many inquiries from car owners, insurance companies and repair industry partners that wanted to sell cars thatwere not total losses, but not worth the hassle, cost or risk of havingrepaired. In response, we created to serve this niche....we buyless-than-perfect cars.

We offer an alternative to costly repairs and are committed to provide you the best price for your vehicle. is your best option for providing you fair market value for your damaged car. We buy wrecked and damaged cars, trucks, vans and SUVs throughout the United States. It doesn’t matter if the damage is from a collision, flood, or mechanical failure ….we will buy it “as is” at the bestpossible price. We purchase all makes and models, newer vehicles, previously damaged and repaired cars with salvagehistory / rebuilt titles, and exotic vehicles.

We do not employ a cookie cutter approach or a formula driven offer when purchasingyour vehicle. What sets us apart from our competitors is our ability to workwith different types of cars and different situations. We review all of theinformation at hand and make you the highest offer – And make it fast!

If you are an insured vehicle owner and do not want to have your vehicle repaired, DamagedCars.comwill work with your insurance professional and cooperate with your body shop to provide you with an alternative solution. We are even are able to assist you with your bank loan or lease release.

We offer FREE Nationwide TOWING and transportation services. buys and picks up damaged vehicles nationwide. We pay when we pick up thevehicle and there are NO hidden charges and NO TOWING FEES. It’s that simple!

Just fill out our simple online quote form, and we provide a quote the same day, given all the requested information is submitted. Whatwe quote is what you get!

Mission Statement:

  • We remarket vehicles on a national and international level addressing the distinct needs of our customers including the public and other business partners through and various distribution channels including a retail location, online sales, wholesale venues and lead reprocessing.

Core Values:

  • Customer Focus
    We want our employees to love what they do so they naturally go the extra mile to service you the customer. We believe that creating positive energy in our work place makes you the customer more satisfied. Everything we do focuses on enhancing the customer experience. We want you to say, “Wow! That was so easy and they were so great.”

  • Integrity We believe integrity equals transparency. Our promise is to be transparent in our interactions with our customers and business partners. We place value on building long-term relationships over extra profit and we want to earn your business for years to come.

  • Price Value We promise to do our best when we price to sell to you or buy from you. Our pricing model is derived by using market statistic and not from a subjective or opportunistic method. By offering you the best price we believe we earn your future business and your referrals.

  • Innovation The status quo is not an option for us. We seek to better ourselves by way of learning and development. We believe continued learning and development are key drivers to innovation and competitiveness. We will be ahead of the competition for as long as we practice this value.

  • Team effort
    We believe big accomplishments do not happen by one person or a select few, but because of people believing and working together toward a shared mission. We also believe the best teams are those that include people with diverse backgrounds and those from various levels of the organization. We seek employees that love what we do and are a good fit for our culture.