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Customer Service Win-Win.

Nationwide Service.

Expertise on high end vehicles.

No Service Fees and Free Pickup.


  • Learn the stpe-by-step process
  • Recognize a win-win opportunity
Business Solutions will buy the vehicle directly from the owner "as is" with no hassle. We guarantee our offers and we handle all of the logistics at no charge to you or your customer! Let us handle your customer and the logistics and free up your time and space.

It's a win-win no obligation solution!

- Increase Sales
  • Get a guaranteed offer on the damaged vehicle so the customer can use it as a trade-in collateral
  • handles all of the logistics and there are no charges to you or your customer.
  • Increase customer satisfaction with your dealership by offering your customer a different choice.
  • Over 25 years of expertise in high end and luxury vehicle purchasing.
Insurace Adjuster
- Claims Alternatives
  • A choice for customers leading to enhanced customer service.
  • An alternative claim solution when normal processes are not satisfactory.
  • Closure to claims without delays, negotiations, supplements, rework or diminished value.
  • Nationwide service and No Fees!!
  • Over 25 years of expertise in evaluating and purchasing damaged high end, luxury and exotic vehicles at top market prices for both salvage and clean title.
Collision and
Service Facilities
  • Free up repair space for profitable jobs.
  • Retain a customer and increase customer service satisfaction for the customer who really does not want to repair his vehicle or doesn’t have insurance or money to cover the repair cost.
  • Free Nationwide Service!
  • Over 25 years of expertise in high end and luxury vehicle purchasing.
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You can also reach us at 866-604-9001
This provides the customer with an alternative to repairs and more control in the decision making. If it is an insurance loss, the customer will have the repair check and a check from for our purchase offer. If there is a lien on the vehicle, can work directly with the financial institution and the customer toward payoff of the loan or lease. Or, the customer may be searching for a new vehicle and we can collaborate with your sales department to use the money the customer now has as a down payment on a purchase. You do not have to hassle with logistics or repairs to the damaged vehicle. We take care of picking up the vehicle quickly and with NO SERVICE FEEs to you or your customer.
Satisfied Customers = Happy Business Owners