Will Cash For Clunkers Come Back In 2020?

Is the cash for clunkers program making a comeback? Find out what the government is considering and what you can do to get paid for your old car. Learn why selling to DamagedCars is the best option for you right now!


How To Get Rid Of A Car With Problems For Free

If you have a car that’s giving you headaches, you might wonder what your options are for getting rid of it. Find out how you can dispose of your unwanted vehicle without getting any charges. Learn why selling it to is the be...


Here's A List of Common Toyota Tacoma Problems You'd Encounter

Want to know what Toyota Tacoma problems you’re most likely to face? Find out which models are most prone to engine failure, transmission troubles and more. Learn why selling your damaged vehicle to is the right solution for ...


Who Buys Broken Down Cars?

If your car is broken and worn down, you might wonder if you have any options for selling it. Find out who will pay you for your broken down car now. Learn why CarBrain is the best solution for you!


What To Do When Your Car Doesn’t Run Anymore

Do you know what your options are when you have a car that doesn’t drive? Find out how you can sell your non-running vehicle. Learn why may be the best solution for you!


Should You Fix A Car Before Trading It In?

If your car is damaged or in less-than-perfect shape, you might wonder whether you should bring it to a repair shop before trading it in. Learn what the best option for you is. Find out why selling your damaged car to might be the ...


3 Ways To Make Additional Cash During The Coronavirus

The first rounds of layoffs have already begun. No one knows how many more will be coming. As COVID-19 brings the U.S. economy to a grinding halt, lots of Americans are left stuck indoors, scratching their heads and wondering how they’ll kee...


Sell My Broken-Down Car For Cash

Do you have a broken-down car on your hands? Find out how you can sell it for fast cash. Find out if is the best choice for you.

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