Are Junkyards Open on Sunday? What are Junkyard Hours of Operation

Cruise past car dealerships, or the car repair shop on Sunday, and you’ll see Sunday Hours. Stores still adhere to an age-old practice of operating shorter hours on a Sunday, or keeping their doors completely closed. But your request is diff...


How Does Car Auction Pricing for Damaged Cars Work?

You’re trying to sell your car for the most money possible. Exploring every avenue is a good idea, even if you aren’t exactly familiar with how it works. There’s the typical way – selling a car – or you might decide t...


Are Blue Book Values Accurate for Junk Car Prices Near Me?

When you’re selling a car – any car – the price needs to be fair and reasonable to even drum up some interest in it. Arriving at the right value for your car is tricky though, with a ton of different resources out there and many ...


What's the Best Website to Sell a Damaged Car Online?

It’s easy enough to buy a car online today. Whether you’re trying to snag a new Tesla Model 3, a new Hyundai, or a used car from one of the local online car dealers, it’s becoming common to make an online car purchase without set...

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