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Do you have a damaged car or a clunker with mechanical problems? Why not sell it? has been buying and selling cars since 1985. We buy cars with collision damage, flood or storm damage, theft damage, mechanical problems or vandalism. makes it easy to sell your broken car and get money for it without delay. Simply fill out our forms and you’ll receive a quote the very same day.

We’ll dispatch one of our tow trucks to pick up your car and bring you your check. eliminates concerns about lengthy or expensive repairs. Plus, there are no hidden costs and no towing charges. There are no complicated steps to sell your car.
About was created long before the cash for clunkers program to provide an outlet for vehicles that are damaged in some way but are worth more than scrap prices. These vehicle are “less-than-perfect”, whether because of mechanical problems, collision, flood or storm damage or salvage branded titles. and its parent company have been in business for over 25 years. is a reputable company. In fact you can check us out with a bevy of highly regarded companies & affiliations, such as the Better Business Bureau, Independent Automotive Damage Appraisers, Verisign, and Progressive Motors. is A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau since 1999. has an extensive service network throughout the United States providing local service throughout. Our corporate offices are headquartered in Miami Lakes, Florida.

At we want to offer:
  • Highest Value
  • Quick Cash for Cars
  • Minimal Inconvenience to the Seller
  • Secure Transactions

Unlike CarMax or other competitors, we work with photographs of your vehicle, not a physical inspection. Also, you have the security of holding your car until payment is made. When we purchase your car we deliver payment before we tow your car. is the perfect balance between ease for the seller and accuracy in price. 

We can provide you an offer instantly if needed by calling 1-877-877-7911 and speaking with one of our buyers.

A standard pickup is 24-48 hours after we agree on a purchase price, however, we can arrange for immediate pick up if needed. buys and picks up your damaged vehicle from virtually everywhere in the United States. To verify that we serve your area, click here to enter your zip code.

Costs is a free service. There are no charges for evaluations. If you sell car to, we assume responsibility for towing and transferring the title out of your name. No hidden costs.


The process is simple. Go to any page on our website and complete the 3 steps requested. Click here to request a quote.

Much depends on the overall pre-accident value and condition of the vehicle, the extent of the damages, and the demand for repairable vehicles or parts of this type. However, there are no “book” values for damaged cars. At we have over 25 years experience in the constantly changing market for damaged vehicles. Since each damaged vehicle is different, we will take all relevant factors into consideration when preparing an offer for your vehicle. Our goal is to provide a fair offer to every customer and establish long term relationships with repair facilities and insurers.

In order to upload pictures, please follow vehicle quote to step 4 (while in 'back to submit pictures'  mode) or step 3 (while submitting a new quote). Images upload panel will appear, which enables you to upload pictures for: Front, Left Side, Right Side, Rear, Front Interior, VIN and Other Car Views. Click 'Browse' button, select file for upload and hit 'Upload Images' / 'Submit' button.
You can also email them as attachments to Please include your reference number or full name in the email.
Yes! If you don’t have all your information, enter what you can and come back later to finish. In order to change already submitted quotes, click on the 'Update Your Information' link below.

You may contact us at any time but we recommend you contact prior to beginning repairs to your vehicle. As a general rule, the offer from combined with your insurance repair check yields the best results for the vehicle owner.

This is actually a 2 part question. There is documentation related to the vehicle and, if we reach an agreement, documentation related to the purchase.

The vehicle documentation is outlined on the submission form.

Once we reach an agreement, we will need the original title and proof of identification. follows applicable state guidelines regarding the purchase of your vehicle. Our purchase process is the same as any automobile dealer.  If your vehicle is financed or a lease, can guide you through the title release process. will assume responsibility for transportation of the vehicle. There are no charges for towing, title transfers or other fees. You are responsible for any storage fees or repair expenses incurred prior to selling the vehicle to


Very. You receive a legal purchase agreement confirming the transaction. We do not transfer ownership of your vehicle until the transaction is complete. As an additional layer of security, you do not release your vehicle until you receive payment for your car.


You get paid when we pick up your car! As the vehicle owner, you will need to provide keys, title and access to the car. If your title is held by a lien holder, we can help you get the title released.

Vehicle Title Guidelines
Motor Vehicle Titles are different for every state. Please click the link below and select the appropriate state for instructions on how to sign your title correctly.

Vehicle Title Guides
DamagedCars requires a title in the sellers name to purchase a vehicle.
Vehicle Information will purchase damaged vehicles of any type, including vehicles with physical or mechanical damage as well as junk cars.

Most mechanical problems consist of blown or siezed engines, engine failure, transmission failure, blown head gaskets, cracked cylinder heads, overheating engines, electrical problems and other major mechanical issues. will be happy to make a fair market offer for your car "as is." Avoid the costly repairs at the body shop on your vehicle or wondering “who will buy my car after an accident?”.
Your car's value will greatly decrease.  Here is an excellent alternative to repair.  Call toll free at 877-877-7911 and get a free cost evaluation today.

If your vehicle is financed you will need to either pay off the loan on the damaged car or transfer the loan to your new vehicle (sometimes called a collateral swap). Usually your new car dealer will assist with this process. is here to help. We offer an excellent alternative to expensive and costly repairs.

Insured Vehicles

The insurer is required to prepare a thorough estimate of the damages and will be responsible for paying the vehicle owner this amount. Whether you repair the vehicle is usually up to you.
Once the insurance company determines how much they owe, will then pay you the residual value of your damaged car prior to repairs. The vehicle owner receives two payments, one from the insurance company for the damage and the second from for the full salvage value of the vehicle. These payments can then be combined to purchase a new vehicle.