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If you live in the Memphis, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Nashville, Clarksville,  or surrounding areas, we’ll dispatch one of our tow trucks to pick up your car and bring you your check. eliminates concerns about repair expenses or diminished value of your car. Plus, there are no hidden costs and no towing charges.

We Buy Tennessee’s Damaged Cars!

Do you live in Tennessee and have a damaged car or a car with mechanical problems? Why not sell it? has been buying Tennessee’s damaged cars since 1985. We buy cars after collision damage, flood or storm damage, theft damage, mechanical problems or vandalism. makes it easy to sell your damaged car and get money for it without delay. Simply fill out our forms and you’ll receive a quote the very same day.  


Cash Two Checks for Your Damaged Car


Did you know that it’s okay to keep your insurance check and sell your damaged car? If you live in Tennessee, we’ll buy your damaged car, even if you’ve already received reimbursement from your insurance company. Use to sell your car quickly and put double the money back in your pocket.


Tennessee Smog Tests are No Problem with

What if your car isn’t damaged, but it hasn’t passed the Tennessee Smog Test? You could spend the money on expensive repairs to ensure it passes inspection, or, you could sell your car to and get money instead. Just fill out our simple forms to get a free evaluation to sell your car to Damaged Cars. When we give you your check, go buy yourself a brand new car that passes the Tennessee Smog Test, without the hassle.



Local Customer Testimonies


“I wanted to sell my car but the motor was seriously damaged and the repair costs were too high to fix it. I just wanted to sell my car, but without having to spend any more money on it. bought my damaged car, and paid me a fair price for it too. The whole process was easy and it took just a few days. If you need to sell a damaged car or a car with motor or transmission problem, get a quote from!” – David, Memphis TN


“I was on my way to Nashville, TN for the weekend and I got in an accident. My car was pretty badly damaged, to the point where repairing it would have been too costly. I decided to sell my car on I got a great deal, and used the money they gave me to buy a brand new car. It couldn’t have been easier!” – Kathleen Chattanooga TN


“I was having some issues with my car’s transmission, not to mention that it needed several other repairs. It was old, and I knew it was probably time to get a new car, but I just didn’t have the cash. Then I found They gave me the money I needed to buy a new car and be worry-free when I need to travel!” – Sean, Clarksville TN


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